Pretty as a Picture: Natural Skincare Ideas For Healthy Looking Skin

Nothing creates a first impression more than your skin. If you approach someone in my home town of Coral Springs or anywhere in South Florida, for that matter, and your skin is severely blemished, they will have already formulated an opinion about you. They will ask themselves, “Why doesn’t this person care enough to take care of their damaged skin?”. Who knows what that might translate into as far as lost opportunities for you.

So here are several things that you can do to keep your skin looking young, vibrant, and picture perfect.

Skin Care Starts Inside

We have all heard about using fresh fruit and vegetables, all natural whole foods, and applying them to our skin to keep it fresh and pure, but did you know what we consume as food, has a lot to do with how our skin looks and feels? There are so many foods we should be eating that are beneficial for us in maintaining proper health as well as skin care health. Things, like drinking plenty of water. Adding lemon in the water makes our bodies alkaline which helps keep balance inside.

A high intake of fruits and vegetable will give our body the nutrients it needs to help our bodies work more efficiently thereby reducing irritating substances coming out of the pores.

What Goes In Will Either Stay There Or Come Out

Cleansing our insides also help us to maintain beauty. Doing coffee enemas can have great effects on our organs dumping out toxins and helping to assist in removing bacteria from our colons and intestines, instead of relying solely on our skin as a means of eliminating toxins. Juicing fruits and vegetables is also a wonderful way to keep our skin looking healthy by cleansing our bodies and allowing our bodies to rest from whole foods once in awhile with noticeable results in just two short days. There are also many cleanses available to assist you in more thorough cleansing project for internal scrubbing.

The Sun Is So Beneficial For Our Skin And Body

Not to be confused with sitting in the sun for hours at a time. A little daily sun in moderation, for as little as 15 minutes a day will give you an all natural healthy looking glow that will make you feel great and look your absolute best. The vitamin D is vital to our health as well as helping our mood to be more positive and uplifting. This is scientifically proven.

All Natural Essential Oils

Essential Oils are all natural, pure from nature, that come from the trees, flowers, bark, roots, and stems of plants. They’re invigorating fragrances that have many benefits not just skin care but for the well being of our health, medicinal use, or emotional healing. Many have antiseptic and antibacterial properties. They can be used in hair care products, creams, body washes, or you can make your own beauty items and add them.

You can apply them directly to your skin, although some you may want to dilute and place them in natural almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, or grape seed oil. Make sure they are all natural, pure, therapeutic grade for quality. With scents like lavender, rose, peppermint and much more to keep you feeling, smelling, and looking fabulous.

So there you have it. You can maintain healthy skin by eating right, drinking plenty of water, limiting your exposure to the sun, and treating your skin to natural cleansers and moisturizers.

And if your skin is experiencing severe damage, wrinkles, or just seems to have lost it’s luster and suppleness, then visit this dermatology website to discover how they can help.